File Selection

When Naviate Cloud Manager performs an Download job, it downloads all designated files from the indicated BIM 360® project(s). According to the options that are set, selection of files to be downloads can happen in several different ways.

Filter Application is Dynamic

When Dynamic Filter Application is set, Naviate Cloud Manager selects the BIM 360® files to be downloaded at the time the job is run. The files selected are based on the filter settings that are stored as part of the job. For example: 

    • All files for a selected project or projects.
    • All files located in one or more specific BIM 360® folders.
    • All files having an extension of .rvt or .dwg.
    • Any combination of the above.

The advantage of this approach is that according to the filter settings, all files for a project or folder(s) can be dynamically selected and downloaded at runtime. This allows deployed jobs to recognize newly added BIM 360® projects, folders and files that may not have existed at the time the Download job was first deployed.

Filter Application is Static; Download All Files is unchecked; Individual Projects/Folders/Files Selected

When Static Filter Application is set, the user selects the BIM 360® files to be downloaded at the time the job is defined. The standard filters are set to display projects, folders and files in the BIM 360® project file tree as usual. However, when Static is selected, all projects, folders and files also have their own checkbox. Only the checked items are downloaded when the job is run, based on finding corresponding projects, folders and files in BIM 360®.

Filter Application is Static; Download All Files is checked

For Download operations, File Application must be set to Static for the Download All Files checkbox to be available. When the job runs with Download All Files checked, Naviate Cloud Manager proceeds to download all files for each project selected for the job. It creates all necessary local folders, and creates or updates each file located there based on the whether Filter Application is set to Archive Snapshot or Synch Download; and the timestamp and file contents. 

The benefit of this approach is the ability to define and deploy a job one time, and, each time it runs, to be able to detect and process newly added folders and files on BIM 360®.