Naviate Cloud Manager supports the definition and deployment of scheduled jobs using either a Custom Connection or an Autodesk® Connection. This allows implementation of these jobs in a manner that is most consistent with the organization's policies and practices. 

Note — Any variety or combination of Connection Types may be used for the user's jobs. Some could be Custom, some could be Autodesk®. Each can also have a different Connection/Hub Name (see following topic) assigned. 

To select he Connection Type is simply a matter of choosing which one will be used for this job.

A Custom Connection is simply a matter of choice. No matter which Connection Type the user is currently logged on to Naviate Cloud Manager with — whether Custom or Autodesk®— they can select Custom. However, there is a little more to it when selecting an Autodesk® Connection.

If the user is currently logged onto Naviate Cloud Manager with a Custom Connection, the Autodesk® Connection option is not available. All that can be selected is Custom.

With the user logged on using an Autodesk® Connection and when choosing an Autodesk® Connection, observe the current user sign-on is displayed. This will be the sign-on for the job when it is deployed. Autodesk® Connection jobs can be defined and deployed for any number of different sign-ons. However, the system does require the sign-on intended for the job be the current sign-on when the job is defined — and also when it is deployed. 

This current sign-on is also an important part of the next step, which is selection of the job Connection/Hub Name.