Once the Add Job to Windows Task Scheduler Add button is pressed (preceding) Naviate Cloud Manager performs validations to ensure the Job is fully ready to be deployed. For example, when deploying an Upload Type Job, it checks to ensure that at least one project has been selected to upload data to.

If the validation test fails, deployment doesn’t occur and Naviate Cloud Manager issues a clear message describing exactly what the problem is. Once the problem is remedied, the deployment can then be done.

There are several Job Type-specific validations the system checks for and communicates to the user regarding problems. To stay with the above example, this error at the time of deployment should not be unexpected since, when the Job was most recently saved, the following warning message appeared:

Please Note — These messages are communicated as Information and Warnings . Information usually represents confirmation of a decision either required by the user or affirmation of one recently performed by them. A Warning, on the other hand, usually represents notification of a problem that must be remedied before a certain process — in this case the the Job being deployed — can be performed. An Error represents a problem occurring within the system or data at the time of  processing.