Spool Manager Quick Setup


Users want to have a base set of settings to apply to spool manager. These will allow for “clean” spools out of the gate, and will provide a base to build on. View Templates should be edited internally to match company standards.


Using the transfer project standards command, users can import the filters & view templates needed to generate clean spools.

  1. Load a Title Block, either BIMrx provided or internal

  1. Open the “BIMrxFAB_TransferModel” and the destination project. Once open, navigate to the destination project and select “Transfer Project Standards

  1. Choose the “BIMrxFAB_TransferModel” in the “Copy From” dropdown, then select “check none”. Once none are selected, proceed to select ONLY “View Templates” from the list.


  1. Open the “Spooling” command inside BIMrx Fabrication, and proceed to open the “Options” as well.

  1. Import the “BIMrxFAB_SpoolSettings.json” file to automatically load a standard spooling profile. If an internal Title Block was used this will need to be selected now.
  2. At this point, the spool manager is setup and ready to go. Users may edit the view templates, and options as needed, and save new configurations for future use. Once changes are made, it is recommended to export and save the new settings for future use.