The Naviate Cloud Manager Jobs system provides commands to perform tasks that are either time-consuming or repetitive by nature. These tasks execute automatically according to a pre-determined schedule and run regardless of whether Naviate Cloud Manager is running or not. The only requirement is that the computer to which the Job is deployed be running.

For example, let’s say there is a need to back up projects once a week for archival purposes. Further, this must be done either at night or over the weekend when users are no longer using the system and all data has been saved and is up to date.  A Naviate Cloud Manager Job can be defined to run at 10PM on Friday night, for example, to perform this task. Without any human intervention, it will execute automatically at the specified time and download all files to the prescribed folder. On completion, the Job will send an email to a designated recipient documenting the Job ran and successfully completed, what was backed up, how much time it took, the total backup size, etc. If there were any errors while processing, the email communicates complete information on what happened and at what point during the process it occurred.

Jobs are frequently deployed to remote servers across the network. This can help in situations where there is concern regarding whether a machine will be turned on and connected to the network when the scheduled task is ready to execute. Deployment to and management of these remotely-deployed Jobs is no different than deploying them to the local machine from which the job was created. 

The following tasks are supported for scheduled operation: 

  • Project file uploading
  • File downloading
  • Exporting Revit® models to: 
    • PDF
    • NWC
    • DWG
  • Publishing Revit® Cloud Workshared models

For more information on the Job Types available for scheduled operation, refer to Job Type.