Tokens may expire due to certain factors. For example, a server may be down for enough time to cause a token to timeout. Another cause could be an update of the program — for example the initial upgrade to Naviate Cloud Manager version 2.7.3 from any previous version. For more information regarding this please refer to the Upgrade from Previous Version section below.

When a Token Refresh Job has expired, a distinctive red icon appears, along with a with a Status information display explaining that the Refresh Token has expired and the date on which it has expired for that specific Token Refresh Job. This description is always the same for the expired job, as opposed to the Warning and Valid statuses, which convey additional information. 

An expired Token Refresh Job means any jobs depending on it will fail on execution. They will not be able to run until the job is reactivated. See Reactivate Token Refresh Job for information on reactivating Token Refresh jobs.