BIM 360® Custom Integrations must be configured to allow the Naviate Cloud Manager permissions to perform BIM 360® operations. 


Custom Integration may not be enabled for all organizations. If Custom Integrations is not enabled, a simple request to Autodesk® is all that is needed to enable Custom Integrations. Follow the request instructions below:

Send an email to with a request to convert your BIM 360® account to a developer account. Include the following information.

    • BIM 360® Account Name - the email address you used to create the account.
    • BIM 360® Account ID - the account ID generated when you created the account. 
    • Email address of the BIM 360® account admin.

Full details for setting up and defining access can be found at Get Access to a BIM 360 Account.

Please Note — For a complete discussion of BIM 360® Custom Integration, creating a Forge App and related information, refer to the Connectivity chapter of the Naviate Cloud Manager User Guide.