The Wall Sleeves command places sleeve family instances at the penetration points of the selected MEP straight elements (System and Fabrication Parts) and Walls

  • BIMrx Fabrication tab >> Fab Model panel >> Sleeve Placement drop-down button list >>Wall  Sleeves
  • If there was an active selection, the command will use it, if not, the user will be prompted to select MEP elements.
  • The selection will filter out any elements that are not straight MEP System elements (Pipe, Duct, Conduit, or Cable Tray) or straight Fabrication Parts.
  • The command will auto-detect all the walls in the model and the linked models that intersect with the selected parts and place a sleeve family instance hosted on the wall's face:
    • Pipes, Conduits, and Fabrication Pipework elements will generate a sleeve instance of Pipe Accessories category.
    • All other MEP elements (Ducts, Cable Trays, Fabrication Ductwork...) will generate a sleeve instance of Duct Accessories category.


  1. To control the sizing and insulation detection behaviors for the sleeves check the Options section before placing the sleeves.