The Options dialog helps setting up the sleeve to host size mappings and behaviors:

  • BIMrx Fabrication tab >> Fab Model panel >> Sleeve Placement drop-down button list >> Options
  • On the left side panel, select the Wall Sleeves or the Floor Sleeves page.
  • Adjust the entries in the Circular sleeve size mappings section to serve your project requirements:
    • The Host size column defines the pipe, round duct, or conduit diameter. 
    • The Sleeve size column defines the corresponding sleeve diameter that is going to be used for that host size.
    • If the command encounters a host size that is not listed it will use the next available larger size in the list.
      So for example: In the default settings (screenshot above), a 2.5" pipe will get a 5" sleeve which is associated with the 3" host.
    • You can add or delete entries using the buttons at the top right corner.
  • Use the Minimum gap for rectangular sleeves field to define the minimum space allowed around the host (rectangular/oval duct or cable tray).
    The rectangular sleeve size will be rounded up to the nearest inch.
  • Check the Ignore insulation thickness box if you want to leave insulation size out of the sleeve size calculations.
  • When you click OK to dismiss the dialog, these options will be saved with the model.