The Point Names are stored in an auto-created shared parameter named BIMrx_Point Name, in the following format:

H0025.A _ 3_8

The letter "H" is a prefix standing for "Hanger",

The digits "0025" is the Hanger Number of the fabrication Hanger that this Location Point is created from. This digit matched the fabrication hanger's Point Name stored in BIMrx_HangerBOM_PointName parameter.

The characters ".A" or ".B" following the above digits indicates which rod this Location Point instance represents. ".A" represents rod #1 and ".B" represents rod #2, whose location coordinates are stored in parameters BIMrx_HangerBOM_HangerPoint<1 or 2>

The character " _ " is a delimiter.

The character "3_8" following the delimiter indicates the size of the hanger rod this Location Point represents. In this case, 3_8 means 3/8" of rod size from the fabrication hanger, stored in the BIMrx_HangerBOM_RodSize parameter.

  1. Manually placed Location Point instances will have a blank value in BIMrx_Point Name parameter.