The Parameter Transfer when used inside of a schedule will open a dialog that allows the user to transfer shared parameters that exist in families in the schedule to other families in the schedule. 

Starting The Command

In Revit:

  • User must be inside of a Revit schedule to activate the command.
  • The Parameters being transfered must be in the Shared Parameter file being used in the project.
  • In the ribbon, navigate to the BIMrx tab >> BIMrx Core panel >> Parameter Transfer command:

  • This opens the Parameter Transfer dialog:


The user can now modify how the parameters are transfered into families.

  • The check boxes in the Add column will determine which parameters are transfered or not.
  • A checked box in the Inst column will make the parameters that are transfered come in as Instance parameters, an unchecked box means the parameters will be Type parameters.
  • The check boxes in the Mod column will determine which families the parameters are transfered to 
  • The Save Families? check box allows the user to automatically save the families when complete.
    • With Save Families? selected, the user has the choice to Save to desktop or Save over original location.

  • Click Accept to load the families into the project. 

  1. Upon Accepting Parameter Transfer settings, you will be required to overwrite the existing families in the project.