The Location Points that are placed by Hanger Points Placement command or Hanger Array command are intelligently linked to the Fabrication Hangers. This intelligent link is a powerful mechanism that helps manage the Point instances and keep the project and workflow smooth and clean.

  • Once Location Points are populated onto Fabrication Hangers, a set of parameters will be created for Location Points and Fabrication Hangers:
    • BIM_Tracking Fab Hanger Guid parameter will be created on Location Point instances, and a guid value will be assigned.
    • BIMrx-Tracking Point_0/1 Guid parameters will be created on Fabrication Hangers, and a guid value will be assigned.
    • These parameters are used as a foundation to link the Fabrication Hangers to corresponding Location Point(s)

  • When users modify Location Point instances or Fabrication Hanger instances, the following behaviors can be observed:
    1. Move Fab Hangers and points will move with them.
    2. Move Point Instances and the points will always automatically move back to hanger rods.
    • When users move Point Instances that are NOT linked to a Fabrication Hanger, the Points' Location parameter will be automatically updated.
    1. Copy Point Instances:
    • Copy Point Instances from Fabrication Hangers, those points will immediately be deleted.
    • Copy Point Instances NOT linked to Fabrication Hangers, those points will have Name and Description parameters cleared out.
    1. Delete Fab Hangers with points attached will delete those points at the same time.