In Advanced Parameter Manager, Sync DB Properties tab, user can select hidden DB-level information of specific RevitAPI types and transfer these information into a Shared Parameter on the Project level. To do that, users need to select desired RevitAPI Types*, then select their Property*, create Shared Parameters from these Properties, then sync the property information into Shared Parameters.

*Refer to for more information about RevitAPI, Types and Properties.

In the Sync DB Properties tab, on the Left Panel, all RevitAPI Types are listed. User can check different types in the Left Panel, and all Properties of the checked Types are displayed on the Right Panel. By default, "Element" type is checked on. Notice the Properties on the Right Panel are sorted alphabetically by their names, and also grouped by the actual RevitAPI Types they are declared in.

After checking on for different Types to display on the Left Panel, user can select and highlight Properties on the Right Panel for later creation of SharedParameters:

After making highlighted selections on the Right Panel, click on the Create button to create Shared Parameters from selected Properties. Notice the Shared Parameter Name column changes from <Not Available> to BIMrxDBS_[Property_Name]. This indicates that a new Shared Parameter has been created in order to later store and update with the information from the Properties, with a prefix of "BIMrxDBS_". All these Shared Parameters are storing text values and bound to all Revit Categories.

Now these Shared Parameters have been created from Properties, they are ready for Synchronizing by clicking on the "Sync All Checked" button.