Create non-hosted representations of elements from a linked model. A different representative type will be created for each family that is copied from the linked model.

There are currently three Categories to choose from by default:

  1. Electrical Fixtures 
  2. Lighting Fixtures
  3. Mechanical Equipment

  1. If desired, additional category elements could be added through CM+ Manager.

Starting The Command

In Revit:

  • In the ribbon, navigate to the BIMrx tab >> BIMrx Project panel >> CM+ Copy drop-down arrow >> select the Category to be copied:

  • Click the CM+ Copy command to activate:

  • Select all elements to be copied from linked model.
  • Click Finish in the Options bar to add Copy Monitor Plus elements.

Example of copied elements (Light Fixtures) vs non-copied elements, with one of the BIMrx representing elements selected (BIMrx Lighing Fixture).

  1. By default, BIMrx representing elements come in as a generic parametric 3D box.  These families could be modified and updated if desired.