The Copy Monitor Plus - Manager is where the user can create and delete copy monitor plus schemas that will show up in the CM+ Copy and CM+ Update commands. Once a schema is created it cannot be edited, only deleted. If a schema is deleted, elements that were created with the CM+ Copy command will remain. 

In Revit:

  • In the ribbon, navigate to the BIMrx tab >> BIMrx Project panel >> Copy Monitor Plus drop-down >> Manager button:

  • BIMrx automatically opens up the Copy Monitor Plus Manager dialog:

In the Copy Monitor Plus Manager, the user has the ability to view the current available Copy Monitor elements for use. The user also has the ability to create a new family for use, or delete an existing one in the list.

To create a new family schema for CM+ use, in the Copy Monitor Plus Manager:

  • Click Create New:

  • Define all appropriate parameters in the dialog.  
    • Name is what the setting will be called and will appear on the Copy and Update drop-down options.
      • There cannot be duplicate schema names.
      • Leaving the Name as Default will automatically name the schema after the Category unless there is a duplicate.
    • Category refers to the Revit Category the setting will be copying. This is a drop-down with the available Revit Categories.
    • Family is the name of the family that the Copy command will place when using this schema
      • Leaving the Family as the BIMrx_CM+_Default Family will duplicate the Default Family and rename it to the selected Category. If the family already exists it will use that instead.
  • Click Create to add this schema to the list in the Copy Monitor Plus Manager.

To delete an existing family schema, in the Copy Monitor Plus Manager:

  • Select a row for the family to be deleted.
  • Click the Delete Button. 
    • This will delete the schema you selected, and it will not appear in the CM+ Copy and CM+ Update drop-down options anymore. 
    • This button will not delete the elements created using this schema. They will be disconnected from copy monitor plus and will not be able to be updated.