When first upgrading from any previous version of Naviate Cloud Manager to Release v2.7.3 all previously stored refresh tokens immediately become invalid. The system recognizes this situation automatically when interactively logging into the Naviate Cloud Manager application and addresses it simply by prompting the user to enter fresh credentials. After successfully logging in that is the end of it and everything is normal from that point on.

The problem, however, lies with any scheduled jobs that use the Autodesk® login. The solution is to go to the job library display in the Jobs module and view the Token Refresh Jobs. As Naviate Cloud Manager goes through the list of Token Refresh Jobs, it knows which ones were created with a previous version and indicates it accordingly. Simply look for any that show as Expired and execute the Reactivate Refresh Token Job function (see preceding sections).

Note You must be logged onto Naviate Cloud Manager with the same credentials assigned to a Token Refresh Job to reactivate its refresh token. Logging out and back in again with the different credentials may be accomplished via the main Connect screen.