In addition to Hub Members, Project Members are always available for display. According to whether Multi-Select is set to Off or On, these project members will display as Single or Multiple.

Single project display (Multi-Select = Off) provides a tab label display of Project Members.

Also note the Hub Member listing. Hub members who belong to the currently selected project in Single Selection mode display a icon next to their name. 

This icon displays for every Hub member that belongs to the currently selected project, when in Single Selection mode (Multi-Select = Off). Also, take note that in Single Selection mode, the Project Members tab label is displayed for all members of the selected project.

Multiple project display (Multi-Select = On) provides a label of Multiple Project Members.

Both single and multiple project selection can be used to Update project members. Each has it's strength, depending on the situation. For example, use single-project display to quickly view all members for a single project. Use multi-project, however, to update the Company, Roles or Project Admin Access for a single member across many projects. Naviate Cloud Manager provides multiple tools to best address different situations that may arise. For more information, see Single Project Members and Multiple Project Members, below.