Once a scheduled Job has finished execution, the most important result is the work it has done. This work will be verified differently according to the specifics of the Job that was performed. For example, a Job Type of Download downloads BIM 360® project files and replicates their folder structure in the designated location.

In the above example, the Job Download Location was set to C:\VSTS\Data\Test\DownloadJobs. Please note the timestamp-based parent for the entire process — 2020_0818_1041_07— under which all selected projects are located. This allows each new download process to be kept separately of the others and provides easy access to previous Job runs.

Once the timestamp-based parent and project name folders have been created, the same structure as present in BIM 360® is added there. This includes both folders and files. The ultimate verification of this process involves coming here and viewing the results.

Runs for other Job Types will be verified in other ways. For example, Uploads can be verified either through Naviate Cloud Manager by going to the project Browse screen or by going directly to BIM 360®. 

The project Browse screen is also an excellent way to verify that all scheduled publishing has occurred.

In the above example, all Revit® Cloud Workshared models display , indicating the latest version has been published.

Please refer to Browse Projects (following chapter) for more information on viewing project data directly from BIM 360®.