Refers to an OAuth 2.0 Bearer Access Token, which is used by Autodesk® for logon and authentication to BIM 360®. Just as when the user logs onto BIM 360®, when they logon to Naviate Cloud Manager using an Autodesk® Connection, they must enter their Autodesk® user name and password. Also, as with BIM 360®, Naviate Cloud Manager stores a Refresh Token after successful login, so the user doesn't have to keep entering in their credentials repeatedly as they access the BIM 360® data over a period of hours or days. The access token produced by a successful login, therefore, contains the internal verification credentials that are then used to gain access to all data to which the user has been granted access. Please refer to Refresh Token for information regarding how the initial login is perpetuated without requiring constant recurring credential entry by the user.

Autodesk® login Access Tokens expire in 60 minutes. Every time an access token is used, it is checked to see if it has expired. If it has, then a refresh token is applied. If the refresh token has expired, then the user is prompted for their user name and password.