The Support feature generates an email to contact Microdesk Tech Support directly with any issues that may arise while using BIMrx.

Starting The Command

In Revit:

  • Navigate to the BIMrx tab >> BIMrx Core panel >> Support button:

  • This will automatically open up an email dialog:

  • Delete the lines in the body of the that say
    • “ - Please add a description on the support question you have.”
    • “ - Please provide a snapshot of any errors you received.”
  • Provide a few sentences describing the command or feature you are using and what the issue is.
  • Provide a picture or snapshot of the error that is popping up or the scenario that is causing the issue.
  • Leave the information below the line that provides Microdesk Tech Support with information of your BIMrx version 
  • Click Send and wait for Microdesk Tech Support to reach out to you.