The BIMrx - Export Settings offers a Selection tab for exporting a preselection of elements in the active Revit model:

Data to Export

  • Selected Objects – elements selected in the Revit model will be exported.

Output Format

  • One Tab per Category – One Excel Sheet/Tab will be created for every Revit Category that is exported.
  • One Tab per Family – One Excel Sheet/Tab will be created for every Revit Family that is exported.

Specify Parameters

  • Parameter Filters - allows you to select preexisting Filters from a list
  • Define New Filters - allows you to define named filters for the Revit Element Parameters you want to export
  • Export Type Parameters - when checked the exported Excel file will contain a Sheet/Tab listing Type Parameters of the exported elements.
    • This tab can/should be used to change Type Parameter values for the Import

Partial Preview - allows you to partially preview the excel table that will be exported.

Simple Export - Hides the Export Summary and the Export Catalog and gives you a more simplified excel file.

Define New Filters