The BIMrx - Export Settings offers a Schedules tab for exporting Schedules in the active Revit model:

To Export Revit elements listed in a Schedule:

  • Click the Schedules tab of the Export Settings dialog
  • Select one or more Schedules by holding the Shift and/or Ctrl key
  • Select an Output Format
  • Click the Export button.

Output Format

  • One combined file for multi-schedule - will export all selected schedules into one excel file with each schedule in a separate tab.
  • Individual files for each schedules - will create a separate excel file for each schedule. The file name specified by the user will be the prefix and the suffix will automatically be applied as the schedule name.

Simple Export - Hides the Export Summary and the Export Catalog and gives you a more simplified excel file.


  1. Some Scheduled are not supported (ie. Schedule Keys, Material Takeoff schedules.)