After loading “BIMrx_Point” family into project, the user has two (2) simple options for placing Points in the model:


  1. Manually place BIMrx Points.
    • Simply place instances around your project from: Project Browser >> Families menu >> Generic Models menu >> BIMrx_Point family.

  1. Nest the BIMrx Point Family into other families you desire to obtain BIMrx Point location data. 
    • BIMrx Points can be constrained/locked to your family allowing them to be Parametric and relative to locations of your family instances. 
    • Once BIMrx Point family has been loaded into a Family, place instances of BIMrx Point at the location(s) you want to extract data. 
    • Load the family(s) back into the model
      • When prompted with the Overwrite options, select Overwrite the existing version



    • Continue to place family instances with nested BIMrx_Point family if applicable.

After placing Points manually and/or embedding Points into the necessary families, running the Total Station Export to CSV command will export desired Point locations relative to all your family instances.