With the help of the Imprint command, the Revit user can Create an image of a Word, Excel, or PDF Document. A live link between the newly created Image and Document will make it simple to manage the document and keep it up to date.

In Revit:

  • In the ribbon, navigate to the BIMrx tab >> BIMrx Core panel >> Imprint command:
  • The main interface will show all the existing imprints and will update their information on open.

Imprint Dialog interface: 

  1. Existing Imprint Images and it's information. The selected Imprint Image is highlighted in gray with orange text.
    • Auto Update: This check box controls how the the Imprint will be updated. If checked the Imprint will automatically update when the Revit file is opened or Imprint Dialog is opened. 
    • Source: The file type of the source document 
    • Name: The name of the Image in Revit.
    • Last Update: The date that the source file was updated
    • Status: Shows a status of the Imprint Image. 
      • Current: The Imprint Image is up to date with the source file.
      • Out-of-date: The Imprint Image is out of date with the source file.
      • Error: This means that something is wrong with the Imprint and it's link with the source file. See the Error in the File Information below to read the specific error message.
    • File: The name of the source file.

  1. File Information contains additional detailed information on the currently selected Imprint.

  2. Create New 

  3. Delete - Delete the currently selected Imprint in the main dialog and all it's images in the Revit project.

  4. Update - Update the Imprint image from the Source File that the Imprint was created from. 
    • Imprint will not update if the source file is currently open.

  1. Update From - Replace the Imprint image with a new Imprint from a new file. 
    • The user will be able to select one Page or Range in a new file of the users choosing.

  1. Close - Saves all changes and closes Imprint.