The Conduit Turn Break command allows the user to quickly and accurately place couplings around elbow fittings along a run. Provided a starting and maximum distance along with a selection of elbow fittings and a selection of the conduit on the side you would like to start from, the Conduit Turn Break command will place a coupling at the starting distance from the inner fitting and place couplings parallel out finishing at the outer fitting. It then calculates the maximum distance along the outer run and places a coupling and finally places couplings parallel in finishing at the inner fitting. 

In Revit:

  • In the ribbon, navigate to the BIMrx tab >> BIMrx MEP panel >> Conduit Turn Break command:

This opens the Conduit Turn Break Settings dialog:

  • Select the Starting Distance in project units.
  • Select the Elbow Bend Length in project units.
  • Select the Max Overall Distance in project units.
  • Click OK to lock in your selections.

  • In your view, select the elbows you want to use in the break calculation.
  • Click Finish in the options bar:

  • Select a conduit segment on the side that you would like to start from.

Example of the results, with added dimensions for clarity:


  1. The coupling is placed based on the origin point inside the coupling family. If you would like to have the coupling placed in the exactly at the break point, adjust the coupling family to have the origin in the middle of the family.